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Flirts and cranks
March 13th, 2017

Dear Friends and Customers of Solo Bistro:
The annual flirtation with spring has ramped up rather nicely this past week, if perhaps somewhat prematurely. The birds that wintered over are certainly celebrating, while in the estuaries and salt marshes the gaggles of geese are slowly swelling with new arrivals from the south. They irregularly erupt in raucous alarums at any provocation – or even none — filling the still wintery woods with the echoes of their agitation. The peepers are likely not too far behind, and when they begin to serenade each other, we will know the flirtation is progressing to the next level. . . .
Wednesday Special
This week’s $19.99 Wednesday Special resurrects the color scheme of Christmas in a bowl of smoked tomato bisque, with a beautiful and tasty little dollop of basil pesto. That will be followed by an all-natural pork tenderloin, grilled to your preferred degree of “done” and topped with house made chimichurri sauce. The tenderloin will be accompanied by sautéed greens and organic Goranson Farm potato mash. Finally, a rum and raisin brownie will finish the fun.
Friday Night Jazz March 3, 2017
Mickey Felder and his keyboard return to the New Space this Friday for the finest kind of piano jazz for lovers of live music and fine food. Mickey Felder this Friday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM at Solo Bistro!
As always, we look forward to seeing you on Front Street in downtown Bath, where you can always enjoy a restorative respite from the humdrum harassments and indignities of the day-to-day, not to mention hysterical honking when geese get your goat!

Pia & Will Neilson, Owners

Tapas Tuesday Tomorrow!
February 20th, 2017

Dear Friends and Customers of Solo Bistro:
It Tapas Tuesday time again! Tomorrow night we return to our once-a-winter-month Tuesday small-plate specials. Hot and cold dishes give a variety of flavors and amounts, PLUS Chef Ray Franklyn will be sending out single-bite amuse-bouches with each cocktail, glass of wine or beer ordered too. So sidle into Solo for a drink and anything from a free nibble to a serious nosh on Tapas Tuesday, tomorrow!
Wednesday Special
This week’s $19.99 Wednesday Special will lead with a soup of parsnips, apples and walnuts – a root-to-fruit strategy for presenting the pleasures of the plant kingdom. The main course, will be Cajun-sauteéd shrimp and sausage with chicory, Spanish rice and orange ginger sauce. To finish, a key lime square with berry coulis and whipped cream.
Where, or where might one possibly find such a creative palette deployed to please one’s personal palate, not to mention the eye and mind? A repast fit for prince, at a price approachable by even a perpetual pinchpenny!
Friday Night Jazz February 24, 2017
The philosopher-king of jazz musicians in Maine, Gary Wittner, returns this week with his guitar to entertain diners this Friday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM at Solo Bistro! If you love guitar jazz, “Don’t miss Gary Wittner” is all there is to say!
As always, we look forward to seeing you on Front Street in downtown Bath, where snow banks may sometimes be a royal pain, but, if so, they serve only to cache the culinary crown jewels of our region!

Pia & Will Neilson, Owners

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