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Twilight Time
November 30th, 2016

Dear Friends and Customers of Solo Bistro:
Vampire weather for the next few days it would seem — cool, wet and without sun. A walk in the woods will show that the mosses and lichens are liking it though, after a long season of short water-rations. It’s the kind of weather in which a well-stoked wood stove and a good book are high on the list of priorities – perhaps higher than a visit to a restaurant . . .
That said, one’s got to eat, and when it comes to eating, few folks can fault the food prepared by Chef Ray Franklyn, especially when he’s looking to tempt folks away from the fireside! But that’s what he is doing – launching a new menu this week, in addition to a particularly tasty $17.99 Wednesday Special that will flush even hide-bound hibernators from their comfortable dens!
Wednesday Special
This week’s $17.99 Wednesday Special will start with spicy tomato soup to soften the sodden chill. The soup will be succeeded by a savory seafood scampi – haddock, mussels and octopus sautéed in butter with lemon juice, parsley and, of course, sufficient garlic to send a vampire packing with its thirst unslaked – served over wilted spinach couscous. Dessert will be a walnut olive oil cake with a butternut squash coulis, and a whipped-cream dollop.
Friday Night Jazz December 2, 2016
A giant among jazz guitarists, Gary Wittner, returns to the New Space to give a little sonorous special sauce to your supper at Solo Bistro, this Friday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. The good stuff!

As always, we look forward to seeing you on Front Street in downtown Bath, where you can always get a refill if it feels like circumstances are sucking you dry!

Pia & Will Neilson, Owners

The art of the meal deal
November 22nd, 2016

Dear Friends and Customers of Solo Bistro:
Winter wandered by and looked in at the start of the week, overdue and yet unexpected, leaving a calling card and dropping temps across the board. The lines have duly lengthened at the local tire shops and hardware stores as more folks finally face up to their denial of the inevitable and begin to prepare for what they know is coming, at least with respect to the change in season. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving has also suddenly arrived, after being successfully screened from view for some by the election and its aftermath!
But even if the march of events has got you feeling flat-footed, it’s undeniable that a good deal on a good meal will put a little spring in your step, and among such deals on meals, the Solo Bistro $17.99 Wednesday Special is certainly the leading light in this darkling season!
Wednesday Special
This week’s $17.99 Wednesday Special will start with a salad of Springworks greens, carrots and radishes, with a Danish blue cheese dressing. Roasted haddock will be the main course, with dill, shallots, and capers, buttered fingerling potatoes, and charred scallions. Dessert will be tart of lemon-stewed wild Maine blueberries topped with a crumble and whipped cream.
Friday Night Jazz November 25, 2016
The lovely Lorna Prescott returns to the New Space this Friday, alongside her main man in the midcoast, Mickey Felder, at the keyboard. Kick off the holiday season with Lorna and Mickey this Friday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM at Solo Bistro!
As always, we look forward to seeing you on Front Street in downtown Bath, where whatever the weather, meteorological or metaphorical, there’s some mighty good meals to be had at a mighty good price.

Pia & Will Neilson, Owners

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