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Deluvian Digression
March 28th, 2017

Dear Friends and Customers of Solo Bistro:
Patches of grass are appearing here and there as the late March blanket of snow gets a little threadbare. April approaches apace, and with it an annual recollection of the opening lines of the Canterbury Tales. This year it comes with an additional Chaucerian reference, as a barn being moved in our neighborhood drove by with a canoe hanging from its rafters, recalling the dim-witted husband of the Miller’s Tale, who gullibly took to the rafters of his own barn in a tub, like Noah, while his unfaithful wife and too-clever-by-half boarder got up to no good. They got their come uppance, and the Miller’s Tale alone survived into this correspondent’s middle-aged, though apparently still-adolescent, memory.

But speaking of spring, and with it lamb of course, Chef Ray Franklyn’s last Wednesday Special menu for March is on the case . . .
Wednesday Special
This week the Wednesday Special will start with Springworks organic greens, in a house-made ranch dressing. Shepherd’s pie will be the main course, with lamb and ground beef, green peas, carrots, onions and mashed potatoes, while dessert will be a delicious orange cheese cake with a rhubarb coulis.
Friday Night Jazz March 31, 2017
Darrell Morrell will breeze in from Gorham with his keyboard in tow to play out this too-long month of March on the pleasantest of terms. Come to Solo this Friday night for a well-merited and unregretted farewell to a cold and snowy March, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM.
As always, we look forward to seeing you on Front Street in downtown Bath, where Middle English meets the Mid-coast.

Pia & Will Neilson, Owners

The Boys in the Band
March 21st, 2017

Dear Friends and Customers of Solo Bistro:
The first day of spring has sprung as the sun crossed the equator yesterday on its welcome way back north, and a lovely day indeed it was, notwithstanding the still-complete snow coverage from last week’s winter storm. Daylight savings time, in effect for only ten days so far, leaves one somewhat disoriented at the end of the day, when dinner seems to come too early – except, of course, on Wednesdays at Solo Bistro, where the Wednesday Special is always on time and on the money!
Wednesday Special
This week the $19.99 Wednesday Special will get off the mark with organic greens, dressed in a grainy mustard vinaigrette. Then comes that delicious duo, duck and pork, together in a cassoulet. Duck leg, bacon and sausage join white beans and carrots beneath an herbed panko breadcrumb crust. A crepe of chocolate, banana and Chantilly cream will put a wrap on the evening’s prandial pleasures.
Friday Night Jazz March 24, 2017
This week Solo Bistro will proudly host a musical reunion between New-Space-regular Dr. Barney Balch and his boyhood buddy Geoffrey Ives. These two go back to nursery school together, but haven’t played publicly together for forty years. Geoff, from Cornish, is a classically trained pianist with a passion for blues and jazz. By day, Barney Balch is a mild-mannered marine scientist studying the mysteries of minute planktonic biflagellated organisms called coccolithophores, but by night Barney becomes a boffo trombonist blowing big-band blandishments for the ears of jazz lovers lucky enough to hear him. Don’t miss these two, together again after 40 years, this Friday night from 6:30 to 9:30 PM at Solo Bistro.
As always, we look forward to seeing you on Front Street in downtown Bath, where old friends meet to eat and make music too!

Pia & Will Neilson, Owners

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