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Thoughts on NYE 2011
December 31st, 2011

So we come to the end of another year!  The modest 2009 stimulus ran out this year, and as predicted, the economy sputtered, but – so far – each time it has seemed about to stall completely, it has lurched ahead again.  Big storm clouds lurk on both the western and eastern horizons, between the possible disintegration of the euro-zone and the possible bursting of a Chinese real estate bubble. 

I happened to watch Peter Jackson’s film version of Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring on Boxing Day, and the elf queen Galadriel’s pronouncement  to the effect that “the Quest stands on a knife edge, stray but a little from the path and it will fail,” resonated with more than the soundtrack’s intended reverb in the current economic and political context.  But though the economy is fairly precariously poised, I take heart from the pluck and grit of the small businesses and consumers who continue to plod ahead on hundreds of thousands of Main Streets around the country, in spite of  inclement economic conditions. 

Bath appears to be weathering the storm in good shape, Brunswick seems to have turned a corner on its post-BNAS journey, and thanks to good leadership in the region’s economic drivers (BIW, Mid-Coast Hospital, Maine Maritime Museum and Reed & Reed come quickly to mind, among others) and to some good work by the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority on new uses for the old Naval Air Station, the southern mid-coast seems in fact to be on a path somewhat broader than a knife edge.  The way through 2012 still looks to have more than its fair share of perils, but I like our prospects rather better than I would Frodo’s and Sam’s!

On behalf of Pia and myself, and all the staff at Solo Bistro, we wish our friends and customers fair winds and following seas for the year ahead, notwithstanding forecasts to the contrary.

Will Neilson

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