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Spring Fever Special
May 15th, 2012

Dear Friends and Customers of Solo Bistro:

 Notwithstanding nearly unanimous meteorological opinion to the contrary, today has turned into a very pleasant day indeed! Also notwithstanding objective, verifiable evidence very much to the contrary, such weather leads me to believe that I am sufficiently young and energetic to blow off the obligations of the day and go biking or gardening or some such activity and then catch up on the office work later. In a familiar victory of hope over reason, I shall uncharacteristically attempt brevity in the dubious belief that perhaps I’ll escape the office in time to do something outdoors this afternoon!

So in this spirit of magical thinking, we come to the epitome of grounded good sense — and taste — the 3-course $17.99 Wednesday Special!

Wednesday Special

This week’s $17.99 Wednesday Special begins with a salad of kale, a wonderful leafy green touted as providing all manner of healthful benefits, but which is certain at a minimum to taste better than most of the tonics touted in times past, especially when complimented with a creamy Dijon dressing as Chef Lavelle promises this one will be!.

The main course will be one of the few overtly vegetarian dishes I liked even as a child: eggplant parm over pasta, in this instance bucatini. For dessert, one of the glories of the spring garden, rhubarb, will send us head-over-heals in paroxysms of pleasure in the form of a rhubarb upside down cake!

For a wine special we’ll look to hills of east central Italy for a delightful Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo from Vigneti del Sole, a company founded in Verona in 1925 by two brothers who had moved north in search of their fortune and found success. The brothers’ grandchildren returned to their southern roots where they continue to make wines that just about max out the quality-to-price ratio. Only $5.00 a glass!

Friday Night Jazz May 18

This Friday we welcome back Mr. Ahmad Hassan Muhammad at the keyboard. There’s a great video of a radio broadcast Hassan did in 2010 with Rich Tozier on MPBN the fall after his graduation from Bowdoin highlighting his versatility as a musician and composer. There’s a much shorter promo for Bowdoin featuring a younger Hassan here in his freshman year. A man of prodigious talent, we are always glad when Ahmad Hassan Muhammad can fit Friday Night Jazz at Solo Bistro into his schedule as he has this Friday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM!

As always, we look forward to seeing you on Front Street in downtown Bath, where one’s never too old to play hookey!

Pia & Will Neilson, Owners

Homer, Hyperion and the Super Moon
May 13th, 2012

Dear Friends and Customers of Solo Bistro:

This rainy Tuesday marks the end of a brief stretch of some beautiful weather! Saturday evening I happened to stroll by the local salt marsh about an hour after moonrise. The tide was up, covering the still stubbly spartina grass; the air was cool, still and moist, and the full moon was still low enough that its light was yet yellowish. This full moon was a perigee or “super” moon, which is brighter and larger than usual – and it was bright indeed! But what brought me up short was how the reflection off the water illuminated the very air, so that it glowed and in turn lit up the trees in shadow under the moon. It was shy of supernatural, but just!

Similarly the rosy-fingered Dawn this morning was downright Homeric, blue and light grey above vivid greens, yellows, reds and pinks of blossoming trees and shrubs, sidelit by Phoebus Apollo’s approach in pink reddening to gold fading to yellow as his chariot cleared the tree line to the east while to the west the darkening grey of the coming rain rolled toward us. Such are the moments that make the long wait for spring in Maine feel like a bargain!

And of course, speaking of bargains that are worth the wait, who can forget the 3-course $17.99 Wednesday Special at Solo Bistro!

Wednesday Special


This week’s $17.99 Wednesday Special is perhaps again influenced by events in the wider world. There is a certain coincidence at any rate between the Secretary of State’s most recent travels and the menu for the Solo Bistro Wednesday Special, though Chef Tony Lavelle might disclaim it. The first course does little to elucidate the connection, being merely a salad of mixed greens with a cilantro-mint vinaigrette. The main course makes it straightforward, however: chicken makhani, or butter chicken curry over a bed of spiced chickpeas and jasmine rice. The mild but full flavored chicken makhani is a favorite from the sub-continent – just delicious! For dessert we look southeasterly for purple rice with a mango coulis. If you’re not familiar with Indian cuisine, this will be a great opportunity to give it a try!

For a wine special we’ll look to the classic accompaniment to a curry, a riesling, in this case a German one from the Mosel region, J&H Selbach Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling Kabinett. This is an entry level Riesling from one of Germany’s top winemakers that we’re trying out. Let us know what you think. Only $5.00 a glass!

Friday Night Jazz May 11

This Friday the New Space at Solo will host Harpswell’s own songstress, Dorie Barnes, accompanied by Jesse Feinberg at the keyboard. Rumor has it that a couple of other up-and-coming jazz vocalists will be dining at Solo on Friday and may sit in with Dorie for a bit as well – always a good time when that happens! Friday Night Jazz, every Friday at Solo Bistro from 6:30 to 9:30 PM!

As always, we look forward to seeing you on Front Street in downtown Bath, where whether ones inclinations run to the Homeric or the sophomoric, one can take a culinary tour without have to cross the wine dark sea

Pia & Will Neilson, Owners

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