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Chompin’ Cioppino in Bath
April 21st, 2015

Dear Friends and Customers of Solo Bistro:

Finally we find ourselves in spring! There are still some dirty snowbanks lurking in the sunless spots along the roadsides, but in the open spaces they have dribbled away down sewers and ditches, leaving shriveled shrouds of dingy detritus in place of their previously prodigious piles. And Earth Day litter patrols, street sweepers, and heavy downpours will happily soon remove much of that as well.

The bright sun late last week was enough to push the daffodils near the house into full bloom, and the light brown look of local lawns and fields is all-but-suddenly subsumed by green as new grass blades thrust up through the moldering mat of their predecessors — a process only likely to be accelerated by this week’s rain.

Of course if all this regeneration and renewal has got you working up an appetite, then what could be more timely and restorative than the famous $17.99 Wednesday Special at Solo Bistro?

Wednesday Special

The cool, gray forecast for much of this week may have put Chef Franklyn in mind of San Francisco, as that quintessential Italian American San Fran dish, cioppino, is featured on this week’s Wednesday Special menu. Tarbox Farm organic spicy greens and a roasted shallot vinaigrette will open again this week ahead of the aforementioned cioppino, with its cast of fish, mussels & shrimp in a basil tomato broth over torchio pasta. A whipped-cream-dollop-topped chocolate brownie on a raspberry coulis will bring down the curtain on the evening’s culinary pageant!

Friday Night Jazz April 24

As a result of last week’s program switch, piano-man Mickey Felder and saxophonist Ralph Norris will be playing classic jazz in the New Space this Friday rather than last, but this duo is worth hearing whenever they come!. Norris & Felder, Friday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM at Solo Bistro.

As always, we look forward to seeing you on Front Street in downtown Bath, where mutability – whether of weather or musicians or menus – is merely more of what keeps life interesting . . . .

Pia & Will Neilson, Owners

Tapas Tuesday Time Again!
April 13th, 2015

Dear Friends and Customers of Solo Bistro:

The few crocuses that escaped the voracious voles in our corner of Arrowsic have finally bloomed, and the daffodils are racing to catch up, now that the snow has almost entirely melted. Also racing to catch up is Solo Bistro, with the next Tapas Tuesday upon us tomorrow, as abrupt in its arrival as the spring now suddenly starting to bloom before our grateful eyes!

You can read about Chef Ray’s Kennebec Nachos on our FB page. Also on the docket: a Faroe Island salmon slider with spicy greens and spring onion aioli among others. And half price Spanish wines from the area’s largest selection of Spanish wines makes it an oenophile’s dream evening too!

Of course if you’re in the market for some good food at a great price, then Solo Bistro’s famous $17.99 Wednesday Special is the ticket for you!

Wednesday Special

Tarbox Farm organic spicy greens will open again this week, sporting a lemon chervil vinaigrette. That will be followed by the main event, bucatini puttanesca – anchovies, capers, olives, crushed red pepper and fennel in a lively tomato sauce with pecorino cheese! A chocolate brownie, a raspberry coulis, and a spoonful of whipped cream will close out this one-night-wonder of a special.

Inspired, however, by the half price wine special on Tapas Tuesday, we’ll offer two new Italian wines for half off to complement that pasta. This are wines from a small vineyard in the heart of the Chianti region of Tuscany, but not made according to the Chianti formula, and so are labeled “IGTs.” At their issue price they would have sold for more than hundred dollars a bottle in restaurants in Maine, but that was too expensive for this market it seems, so the distributor is liquidating its small position, and Solo Bistro is trying to get as much of it as we can.

These wines will go on the list at $75 for a cab/merlot/cab franc/petit verdot blend and $79 for the 100% sangiovese, but you can try them for half price on Wednesday, or by the glass at $11. Solid ratings from major wine media and critics make this another incredible bargain this Wednesday. Satisfy your inner Yankee, as well as your less flinty parts!

Friday Night Jazz April 17

Mickey Felder will make it two weeks in row at the ivories for Friday night jazz. This week he’ll be accompanying another great horn man, saxophonist Ralph Norris. Great jazz this and every Friday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM at Solo Bistro!

As always, we look forward to seeing you on Front Street in downtown Bath, where spring fever is finally here — and happily highly communicable!

Pia & Will Neilson, Owners

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